• $22.95

    Special 1

    Small Pizza (3 Toppings)
    6 Wings
    1 Can Drink

  • $32.95

    Special 2

    Medium Pizza (3 Toppings)
    8 Wings
    Regular Fries
    2 Cans Drink

  • $43.95

    Special 3

    Large Pizza (3 Toppings)

    12 Wings
    Large Fries
    4 Cans Drink

  • $43.95

    Special 4

    2 Medium Pizza

    (6 Toppings)

    Large Fries
    4 Cans Drink

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Pizza Sauce, Pepperoni, mozzarella cheese

Royalty Pizza Special

Pepperoni, Mushroom, G. Beef, Onions, G.Pepper, Tomato, Olive

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